Military Aircraft in use when Sovietunion took over.
Most of the planes were destroyed when Germany invaded. A few Gladiators were used as glider tows in Germany. The ANBO 41 was used by a Lithuanian squadron on the eastern front.

•   Gloster Gladiator fighter (14 acquired from Great Britain)
•   Dewoitine D501L fighter; (low-wing monoplane, one squadron of 14 aircraft, possibly only half operational)
•   Anbo reconnaissance and attack planes (native designed and built series of combat aircraft beginning with in 1924 with the Anbo I. The primary production model was the      high-wing monoplane Anbo 41 with 20 models in service. A low-wing monoplane attack bomber, the Anbo VIII, was in prototype stage, and a few might have been used by the    Soviets.)
•   DeHavilland DH89A Dragon Rapide (twin-engined multi-seat reconnaissance biplane)
•   AVRO 626 two-seater biplane
•   Bucker Bu133 Jungmeister (six acquired)
•   Fiat CR.20 biplane fighter (probably not operational by 1941 - was to have been replaced by 13 French MS406s, but none delivered due to the outbreak of the war.)
•   Fiat Ansaldo A.120 bomber

Type Werk.Nr Registration History
Bucker Bu133C      LY-LAD  
DH.60G III Moth Major         5031 LY-LAL   Seized by Russians 6.40
DH.82A Tiger Moth             3542    LY-LAM 
Cierva C.30A (Avro 671) R3/CN/777   LY-LAS 
DH.82A Tiger Moth               3493 LY-LAT
Caudron C. 286     LY-LAU
Percival Q.6 Q.28   LY-SOA
Percival Q.6 Q.29 LY-SOB
Letov S-18 6 OK-LIS    OK-LIS    , LY-       
Bucker Bu131    LY-       
Farman F.393     LY-       
Piper J-3C Cub      LY-       
Piper J-3C Cub      LY-       
Klemm KL35 B       LY-       
Klemm KL35 B       LY-      
Klemm KL35 B       LY-      
Civil Aircraft