AERA=Societe Anonomye d'Exploitation et de Représentation Aéronautique
RSV=Renard Stampe et Vertongen
SABCA=Societe Anonomye Belge des Constructions Aéronautique
SABENA=Société Anonomye Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aériennes
SEGA=Societe Anonomye Entreprises Générales d'Aéronautique
SNETA=Syndicate Nationale pour l'Etude des Transports Aériens
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
RSV 32/90 O-BABB, OO-ABB 1/3 1929. Jose Orta , St Hubert . Seized by Germans. Cancelled 27/2 1946
RSV 32/110 OO-ARN 27/4 1936. SEGA, Gosselies. Taken by Germans
RSV 26/180 OO-ARA 11/3 1936. Nestor Scaut, Brussels. To Maurice Pianetti, Brussels. Taken by Germans
DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1810 OO-ADG 23/10 1930. Ecole d´Aviation d´Anvers, Antwerpen. Seized by Germans. Cancelled 5/3 1946
DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1834 ZS-ACZ, OO-ANG 31/12 1932. Rene Vermeulen & Jules Noppius, Gosselies. To Jean Dauchot & Arthur Masquelier & Emile Deviere & R. Vermeulen at Gosselies. Taken by Germans May 1940
DH.80A Puss Moth 2075 OO-AEL 29/3 1935. Jean De Keyn, Brüssel , to Lucien Baugniet, Brüssel. Taken by Germans
DH. 86 Leopard Moth 7014 OO-GEJ In August 1939 the Belgian Government also requisitioned De Havilland DH.86 Leopard Moth's OO-GEJ which served with the "Estafette Escadrille" and was subsequentely captured by the enemy at Montpellier-Frejorgues in mid-1940
DH.90 Dragonfly 7561 OO-JFN On 10 September 1939. the Aeionautique Militaire Beige, requisitioned De Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly OO-JFN to serve as communications aircraft ("Avion Estafette") piloted by its owner John Mahieu. In September 1937 Mahieu had acquired the Dragonfly new from de Havilland and it was registered OO-JFN (c/n 7561) on 25 September 1937. Retreating with the Belgian Armed forces in May 1940 the aircraft ended up at Montpellier-Fregorge in France where it was captured by the enemy. On 24 March 1946 the machine
was removed from the Belgian civil registered as being lost during the war.
SABCA Fokker F.VIIb/3m OO-AGH 20/9 1932. SABENA "Edmond Thieffry". Taken by Germans 10/5 1940
SABCA Fokker F.VIIb/3m OO-AIT 11/9 1930. SABENA, Brussels. Taken by Germans 10/5 1940
SABCA Fokker F.VIIb/3m OO-AIH 27/12 1929. SABENA, Brussels. Taken by Germans 10/5 1940
Plage & Laskiewics
Fokker F.VIIb/3m
SP-ABC, OO-AIG 29/11 1929. SABENA, Brussels. Taken by Germans 10/5 1940
Orta St Hubert G.1 OO-AKO 12/2 1930. Antwerp Aviation Club, to C. Bouts at Limburg, to Henri Joseph Neyns at Hasselt. Crashed or was
taken by the Germans at Goetsenhoven. Cancelled 6/3 1946
Orta St Hubert G.1 OO-BSC 30/5 1931. Belgian Shell Company, Brussels. To Robert de Keyser, Brussels. Taken by Germans
Breda 15 1650 OO-ALI 3/4 1931. AERA, Antwerpen Deurne. To Jean de Pierpont, Le Zoute. To Andrew Goerhals, Wevelghem. Believed been taken by the Germans
Baugniet Homebuilt OO-BOC 25/10 1934. Lucien Baugniet, Brussels. Taken by Germans
Stinson SR-6 9299-A OO-APM 25/10 1934. Jean Pessemier at Renaix. Taken by Germans
SABCA Avro 504K OO-APB 4/7 1934. Telesphore Georges, Hasselt.. Taken by Germans
SABCA S.20 Libellule OO-APU 26/8 1935. SABCA, Brussels. Believed taken by Germans
Savoia-Marchetti S-73P 30003 OO-AGP 30/1 1936. SABENA, Brussels. Taken by Germans at Haren 10/5 1940
Savoia-Marchetti S-73P OO-AGZ 9/8 1937. SABENA, Brussels. Taken by Germans at Merville 23/5 1940
Tipsy S2 22 OO-ARI 18/6 1936. Taken by Germans
Tipsy S2 25 OO-ARL 8/8 1936. Joseph Sherens at Louvain. Taken by Germans
Tipsy S2 31 OO-ASD 17/7 1937. EO Tips, at Jumet based at Gosselies. Beleived taken by Germans
Tipsy S2 33 OO-ASF 30/1 1937. EO Tips at Jumet based at Gosselies. To Cerde Liegeois d´Aviation de Tourisme. Believed taken by Germans
Tipsy S2 35 OO-ASI 11/5 1939. Cerde Liegeois d´Aviation de Tourisme at Liege. Believed taken by Germans
Brewster 339B Buffalo 56 NX56B 1940. Delivered to Bordeau, captured. Probably tested by the Germans and discovered at Darmstadt in 1945
Fiat CR 42 R24, R29, R31, R32, R33 As the German forces approached Chartres by June 11th, 1940 the Belgian Fiats moved to Bordeaux-
to Montpellier where the lR-31, R-32 and R-33) were ast remaining aircraft (R-24, R-29, taken over by the French on August 27 1940 but not after the aircraft's engines were sabotaged by the Belgians. On the arrival of German forces the aircraft were taken over by the Germans authorities and their fate after that remains unclear, but it is probable  tthey were subsequently employed as fighter-trainers by Jagdgeschwader 107 at Toul.
Fairey Firefly IIM AF 5008
AF 5046
The 55+  remaining Fairey Firefly MM fighters were transferred to the Ecole de Pilotage. l´Ecole de Tir and the
Etablissements d'Aeronautique while a small number was grouped within Fairey Fox Squadron 6/lll/2Aé (Epervier Circle Rouge/Sparrowhawk in Red Circle) Most were destroyed or captured during the German invasion of Belgium but 19 Fairey Firefly's survived and were used as point defence fighters at Montpellier-Fréjorgues  or were stored at Bordeaux-Merignac  Following the signature by France of the Compiègne Armistice Convention on 22 June 1940 all these machines were turned over to the German Armistice Commission at Chalons s/Saone on 28 November 1940
Scutenaire 800 m3
OO-BFZ 24/6 1939. Taken by Germans 1/4 1944