Rohrbach Ro VII Robbe
a 2 + 4 seat flying boat (Military : Reconnaissance )
b 2 + 6 seat experimental flying boat
2 BMW IV 2 x 460 hp
2 BMW VIa  2 x 600 hp
Length 13.2 m, height 5.5 m, span 17.4 m, wing area 40 m2, aspect ratio
Length 15.2 m, height 5.90 m, span 21.5 m, wing area 55 m2, aspect ratio
Empty 2000 kg, fuel 484 kg, oil 50 kg, crew 160 kg, payload 666 kg,  load
1360 kg, flying weight 3360 kg wing loading 84,00 kg/m2 power loading
7,30 kg/hp
Empty 3600 kg, fuel 1200 kg, oil 70 kg, crew 160 kg,payload 650kg, flying
weight 5680 kg  wing loading 103,27 kg/m2 power loading 4,73 kg/hp
Max. speed 210 km/h at 2000 m, cruising sped at sea level 180 km/h,climb
to 1000 m 5 min., landing speed 116 km/h, service ceiling 4500 m, range
855 km, endurance 4.75 h
Max. speed 224 km/h at sea level, cruising speed 200 km/h at sea level,
landing speed 135 km/h, service ceiling 4300 m, range 1200 km,
endurance 6 h
VII Robbe I
Took part in the Seeflugwettbewerb in 1926. On 22/7 it had to land because of engine failure.Was not allowed to
continue in the competition. Sold to DVS
VIIa Robbe I
Took part in the Seeflugwettbewerb in 1926. On 15/7 the right propeller broke into parts, damaging the ailerons
and the left propeller. Emergency landing, but after repair did not finish the competition. Sold to DVS
VIIb Robbe II
Built in 1927. During record trial with Udet and Tank as pilots it had to do an emergency landing with minor
damages as a result. The aircraft was towed to shore and there after dismanteled. Parts were used for the Ro XI
Ro VIIb Robbe II
Ro VII Robbe I
Ro VIIb Robbe II