Rohrbach Ro XII Roska
In 1926 the Rohrbach factory in Berlin developed a four engined bomber, designated Ro XII, to meet the specifications of the Heereswaffenamt.. With a winspan of 38,3 m , a length of 20,5 m , four seperate engines, a fixed undercarriage and a bomb load of 700kg, its range was to be 1200 kilometers
In layout the "Roska" was a cantilever shoulder wing monoplane of all metal construction.
Due to the limited power output of the four engines, estimated speed was only 260km/h , which was below the specified requirements.
In all other respects the "Roska" met all the criteria of a standard heavy bomber of the period.But that alone did not suffice for the Air Department of the Heereswaffenamt to recommend production.
The "Roska" did not progress beyond the model stage, and in May 1927 the Reichswehr withdrew development of the contract.
Other sources quote the wingspan as 43.05M and the length as 21.6M . Powerplant was to have been four 600hp in-line engines.