Military Aircraft in use when Sovietunion took over. Most of the planes were destroyed when Germany invaded. A few Gladiators were used as glider tows in Germany. The ANBO 41 was used by a Lithuanian squadron on the eastern front.

•Gloster Gladiator fighter (14 acquired from Great Britain)
•Dewoitine D501L fighter; (low-wing monoplane, one squadron of 14 aircraft, possibly only half operational)
•Anbo reconnaissance and attack planes (native designed and built series of combat aircraft beginning with in 1924 with the Anbo I. The primary production model was the high-wing monoplane Anbo 41 with 20 models in service. A low-wing monoplane attack bomber, the Anbo VIII, was in prototype stage, and a few might have been used by the Soviets.)
•DeHavilland DH89A Dragon Rapide (twin-engined multi-seat reconnaissance biplane)
•AVRO 626 two-seater biplane
•Bucker Bu133 Jungmeister (six acquired)
•Fiat CR.20 biplane fighter (probably not operational by 1941 - was to have been replaced by 13 French MS406s, but none delivered due to the outbreak of the war.)
• Fiat Ansaldo A.120 bomber

Civil Aircraft
LY-LAD   Bucker Bu133C     
LY-LAL   DH.60G III Moth Major         5031           Seized by Russians 6.40
LY-LAM  DH.82A Tiger Moth             3542   
LY-LAS  Cierva C.30A (Avro 671) R3/CN/777  
LY-LAT DH.82A Tiger Moth               3493
LY-LAU Caudron C. 286    
LY-SOA Percival Q.6 Q.28  
LY-SOB Percival Q.6 Q.29    
LY-        Letov S-18 6 OK-LIS   
LY-        Bucker Bu131   
LY-        Farman F.393    
LY-        Piper J-3C Cub     
LY-        Piper J-3C Cub      
LY-       Klemm KL35 B      
LY-       Klemm KL35 B      
LY-       Klemm KL35 B