Meindl/van Nes M 15/A XV
Meindl-van Nes M.15/A.XV.
The Project originated in cooperation Meindl and van Nes during 1937-38.
After the construction of the joint factory in  in Wiener Neustadt. Construction started in January 1939. Meindl, was project manager of the ongoing construction. Maiden flight was on 23 September 1940, registration D-ECAB, by pilot Sylvester Wanneck.
This aeroplane type was the first front wheel machine in Germany (post-Anschluss, previously Austria).The design was designated the Wiener Neustadt WNF Wn 16 by the Germans in 1942.
It was built by hand and tested by the Flugprobung and joined some other new designs created with the then new nosewheel