Type Crew 36 ( 20 passengers)
Engine 5 Maybach VL II with 2-bladed propellers , later 4-bladed
Dimensions Length 236,6 m , height 33,5 m, diameter 30,5 m, volume 75000 m3 hydrogen and 30000 m3 Blau Gas , number of gas cells 16
Weights Empty 67100 kg, loaded  ,  load 19900 kg, fuel 8000 kg plus 30000 m3 Blau Gas, useful lift 87000 kg
Performance Max.. speed  128 km/h, cruising speed  , range 10000 km, endurance  , service ceiling  
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
D-LZ127 First flight on 18 September 1928. After review it was agreed that the Graf Zeppelin would have been incapable of flying with helium, was retired one month past the disaster. The ship was brought in to the airship shed at Frankfurt and deflated. The ship was then placed on stocks, and formed part of a museum exhibition. The ship stood in the hanger attracting many visitors in it's final days.
The end for the Graf Zeppelin came with the outbreak of World War II. In March 1940, Hermann Göring, the German Air Minister, ordered the destruction of the remaining dirigibles, and the duralumin parts were fed into the German war industry.