View of the Dübendorf Airfield
The german team with General der Flieger Milch in uniform
Me 109 with Jumo 210 engine, V8 prototype
Me 109 V10 D-ISLU flown by
Generalmajor Udet just before Start
The V10 crashed during the Alpenrundflug
Major Seidemann before the
Start in the Me 109 V8 D-IPLU
Upper First emergency landing by
Udet at the airfield and below the final crash landing with Udet
walking from the wreck
The winner in the Alpenflug Me 109 V8
Generalmajor Udet just before start with Dr. Wurster to the right and Fliegerhaupt-stabsingenieur Lucht from Techn Amt of the RLM.
The Hs 123, Generalmajor Udet and Major v. Schoenebeck
The winner of the Climb and Dive contest Me 109 V13 D-IPKY
:Fi 156 D-IDVS , the V2
He112V4 D-IZMY
General Milch and Generalmajor Udet with belgian guests in front of the Fi 156
Udet in the Fi 156 before start
Udet studying the map before the Start
Fliegerhauptsstabsin Lucht, (RLM), Dr. Wu (BFW), Milch and Maj d. Dr. Hildebrandt talk about the flight
Do 17 V8 in which general Milch , Major Polte , Bordwart Hänsgen and funker Franz won the Alpenrundflug
The Do 17 performing aerobatics with one engine cut off
General Milch leaving the Do 17
The czech aerobatic team with the leader Lt. Nowak in front of their Avia B-122
The czech Avia B-534
Belgian Fairey Fox
The french squadron with Dewoitine D 510
The french "Le Taupin"
Left. Dipl.lng.
Schürfeld is
congratulated to
his second place
in the climb and
dive contest
flyingthe Hs 123
Right. The Swiss
squadron flying
with flags from
each country
The english Hawker Fury
German aerobatic pilots: from left to right Gerd Achgelis,Gerhard Fieseler (Judge in the competition), Graf Hagenberg (The winner) and Director Bücker
The german aerobatic Champion Willy Stör had problems with the engine but won the day by performing with an inverted flight in front of the audience
Major Seidemann, Dipl.lng Francke and Prof. Messerschmitt
The german winners of the Alpenrundflug for single-seater Hptm. Restemeier. Oberlt. Trautloft and Oberlt. Schleif
Enjoying the sun: from left
Liesl Bach, Vera v. Bissing,
Dr. Heinkel and Dir. Bücker
A swiss parachutist
jumping from 1000 m
The famous parachutist Williams
The italian squadron