The H.E.10 was a long-range reconnaissance seaplane used as a radio trials aircraft for the German Navy. Two aircraft were built, and to cover up the military use, these were registered to the DVS as D-1662 and D-1731 (c/n 318)."
Type 3 - 5 seat reconnaissance floatplane
Engine   BMW VI 7,3 Z
Dimensions Length 13,10 m, height 4,55 m, span 18,40 m, wing area 60,93 m2
Weights Empty 2450 kg, loaded 4810 kg, 2200 litres fuel in wing tanks
Performance Max. speed 185 km/h at sea level, cruising speed 160 km/h, service ceiling 4000, climb to 1000 m 12 min., landing speed 106 km/h, endurance 15 h, range3000 km
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
317 D-1662 Shown at the ILA at Berlin Oct. 1929. Registration from June 1928, after several modifications used by DVS at
Warnemünde for navigation- and radio training
318 D-1731 Registration from Aug. 1929. Damaged 14/1 1931 during start, engine broke away. The salvage was difficult
because of very tough weathe