Designed as a bomber, the twin-engine Heinkel HD.34 biplane  was never used. Its main purpose was long-range reconnaissance flights, as well as it was used to train navigators navigating long-distance flights.
The only  HD.34 was built in the winter of 1928. With two BMW VI engines with a capacity of 750 liters. .  the plane developed a top speed of 265 km/h . Two crew members were placed side by side in the front cockpit, the third crew member in the back cabin. Planned armament was aircraft  two front stationary machine guns and a coupled machine gun mounted on the turret in the rear cabin.
Type 2 - 3 seat bomber and reconnaissance plane
Engine 2 BMW VI AP
Dimensions Length 11,73 m, height 4,84 m, span 18,00 m, wing area 85,40 m2
Weights Empty 3000 kg, normal take off  4500 kg
Performance Max. speed 266 km/h, cruising speed 220 km/h, service ceiling 7600 m, landing speed 86 km/h, initial climb 9,60 m/sec.
Armament Planned 4 7,7 mm machine guns + light bombs
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
Built in the winter of 1928. On June 26, 1928 pilot von Pronzinski lost control of the aircraft, as a result of the accident HD.34 received serious damage. It was decided not to rebuild the plane, since repairs would be too expensive.