Type 3-seat torpedobomber
Engine 1 Fiat A-14
Dimensions Length 14,65 m, height 5,65 m, span 19,0 m, wing area 103,3 m2
Weights Empty 3400 kg, flying weight 5600 kg, fuel 2120 l in a tank in the upper wing and in the bottom of the fuselage
Performance Max. speed 175 km/h, landing speed 89 km/h, climb to 1000 m 8,5 min., service ceiling 4000 m, endurance 10,5 h, range 1800 km
Armament 1 35 cm torpedo m/03, or 900 kg bombload. 1 movable machine gun
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
221 Ordered  19/8 1924. Delivered to Svenska Aero, Stockholm in June 1925. Named "Bellona". Flown in July and
trials  with torpedoes from 13/9 1925. The trials were not successfull because of to low powered engine. Given
back to Heinkel in Sept. 1926. Used for  demo and financial security,