Schwingenflugzeug Bacher 5 ,  Flugsport 1926

Whatever your opinion of the Winged Plane, you will always have to acknowledge the work and idealism with which its followers are tackling and persevering with the problem. Such a man is also K. Bacher from Wurmlingen in Württemberg. In this year he brought his 5th swing plane to the Wasserkuppe. As early as 1908 he built a pair of swingarms on his bicycle, and then on a tricycle the following year. When many illustrations and drawings of powered aircraft and gliders appeared in newspapers and magazines over the next few years, he built his first glider with swinging end wings in 1912. Then, like so many other things, the war put an end to his attempts. After the end of the campaign, Bacher immediately took up his old idea again. As a result
however, due to various difficulties, his fourth aircraft was only completed in 1925 and came to the Wasserkuppe. It was again a plane with a fixed center section and swinging end wings. The maximum deflection was 20 cm. A wind speed of 5 m/sec was achieved by beating under the wings. to create.

This year's machine is generally based on the last type. Only the rash at the ends is 60 cm instead of 20 cm in the previous year. The drive is provided by pedals, bicycle chains and cranks. The tips of the surfaces make a circular movement. The outer part of the wings is designed as a valve wing, while the torsion flaps are located on the fixed center piece. The profile used was developed by Bacher itself over time. It is completely flat at the bottom. The other details and dimensions are sufficiently clear from the illustration.