The company was founded in 1910 by Julius Spengler. Under the name Aviatik it started to produce copys of Farman and Hanriot designs.
Total production during WW I 246 B-, 2259 C-, 80 D-, 10 G- and 9 R-Aircraft . The company was closed down 1920
Aviatik  reached considerable fame as a brand Automobil und Aviatik AG of Leipzig-Heiterblick- producer of the successful series of pre-war aircraft. During the war Aviatik had a production license for a trainer and reconnaissance biplane, a certain number of fighters and bombers Gotha G.VII.
The firm has also made a big contribution to the program R-class aircraft, acting as the most important producer of of the giant Staaken. The initial order was for three aircraft Staaken R.VI (machine numbers in R.33/16 R.35/16), the first of which was delivered in September 1917. In the literature  after the war, the series was known as the Aviatik RI There is no record, that designation RI ever been officially sanctioned. For the first batch followed by a second of the three machines Staaken R.VI numbers R.52/17 - R.54/17. These aircraft (which had in-house designation Aviatik R.II) had changes made by engineering staff at Aviatik

The first plane (R.52) original with four 300-horsepower engines Basse & Selve BuS.IVa. These had problems during ground tests conducted May 7, 1918. The engines were replaced by a more robust but less powerful 245-horsepower Maybach Mb.IVa. Routine flight took place on June 5 and promised to be officially adopted by Idflieg June 28, provided that the various defects will be corrected. Nevertheless, the demand for aircraft was such that on 20 June R.52 proceeded to Rfa 500, Morville, stopping on the way at Hanover because of bad weather conditions. Second plane , R.53, was delivered in July 1918 . . Completion by Aviatik the last Staaken R.VI was postponed until October, pending a decision: whether to set a fith Engine in the nose of the aircraft . Ultimate series of three machines built under license by Aviatik were Staaken R.XVI R.49/17 - R.51/17 (internal  designation Aviatik R.III), of which shortly before the war only the R 49 .