In 1928 the Aero-Sport GmbH , Warnemünde built a dozen LVG B.III biplanes as two-seater trainers under the designation S 11. These aircraft carried the registrations D-169, D-527 (sold for export in February 1932), D-535, D-536, D-567, D-568, D-940 (Benz Bz II engine), D-1141 and D-1995, plus one sold to a South American customer (no more details)
Type Two seat trainer (Rebuilt LVG B III)
Engine 1 Daimler I or II
Dimensions Length 7.89 m, height 2.89 m, span 12.51 m, wing area 32.15 m2
Weights Empty 680 kg, crew 160 kg, fuel 150 kg, flying weight 990 kg
Performance Max. speed 105 km/h at sea level, range 350 km, service ceiling 2500 m
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
D-169 Daimler II
D-508 Used by the Luftreederei Magdeburg
D-527 Daimler II, from October 1928 Daimler I. In febr. 1928 it belonged to Bäumer Aero, Hamburg. Sold abroad Febr. 1932
D-535 Daimler II
D-536 Daimler II
D-940 ´Daimler II
111 D-1141 Daimler I registered to Aero-Sport in Febr. 1928. Registration withdrawn Febr. 1932
112 D-1995 Daimler II Owned by Dr. E. Freudenberg, Lübeck, from Febr. 1931. From Juni 1933 to W. Knapke, Berlin
Sold to South America