Weser-Flugzeugbau GmbH, WFG
Founded 14/4 1934 as a department of the Deschimag company. Manager was Dipl.Ing. Fritz Feilcke, head of design  Dr.Ing. A. Rohrbach and test pilot Gerhard Hubrich. Workshops were in Einswarden, Lemwarder, Nordenham ; later in Sudetenland and at Tempelhof. In  1944 was Focke-Achgelis  & Co taken over.
Mainly was the company producing aircraft from licences:ca 220 Junkers W 34/See, from 1938 production of the Ju 87  ( 5390 ), more than 500 Ju 52 commisioned, 206 Ju 86 modified with radial engines instead of in-line, wings for the Fw 200 and 19 fuselages and wings for the Ta 154. Besides of this the Bf 163 was built and special work for the Do 318 and trials with the Ju 88 with 8.8 cm cannon