Volkswagen-Werk, VW
In addition to military vehicles the plant had entered aircraft production and repair work in 1940.
Volkswagen built tail assemblies and stabilisers for the Junkers Ju 88 aircraft until the summer of 1944. This represented 1,400 hours of work for each aircraft. From the spring of 1942, it also repaired Junkers Ju 88 aircraft built by Arado, due to the latter being out of the programme from March 1942.
The Junkers Ju 188 was much a more important programme for VW as they built all the major parts except the fuselage, which was built by Opel. Up until July 1944 Hi'produced almost the complete aircraft and after February 1945 the tail and rudder
In 1944 the third big programme was the Junkers Ju 388 VW built all the major parts for this aircraft, except the fuselage,but for various technical reasons it was not able to ptoducccompJcie aircraft until February 1945, when the programme was stopped. Volkswagen also participated in the production of the Fi IDS (V-l). Alone it built more than 10.000 missiles. These caused tremendous damage in 1944 45 when they were directed al London, Antwerp and Liege. Curiously the VW plant was bombed only once, on 15 November 1944 by only 5 bombers of the 15th USAAF.