Rogo┼żarski IK-3
Operational history: Of 12 finished IK-3, at the start of Axis invasion only 6 were operational with 51st fighter group, 1 aircraft crashed in Danube because pilot blacked out, 4 were on regular maintenance and 1 was being upgraded as a prototype of new Series II IK-3s. Last one was made operational in few days and scored 4 aerial victories against Germans. In total IK-3 pilots scored 10-11(varies by source) aerial victories against Bf 109 Emils and early Fridrichs (F1, F2), Bf 110s, Ju 87s and He 111s. Of 12 IK-3s, 4 were destroyed in combat, 3 by crews on the ground so enemy cant get them and at least one was taken to Germany and stayed in their Museum with other captured aircrafts which were all destroyed in Alied bombing. Some source claims that Germans took more IK-3 for testing, but it is not confirmed. Two IK-3 were probably captured by the Germans (one registered GP+IK and the other 5+7) and one of them at least was tested at the Rechin test centre.
Single seat fighter
1 Hispano-Suiza HS 12Y-29 with a 3-bladed Hamilton Standard 3,2m or Ratier 251 3,1m on later ones
Length 8,00 m , height 3,25 m ,  span 10,30 m , wing area 16,50 m2  ,
Empty 2068 kg , loaded 2630 kg , fuel 330 l in wing tanks, oil  38 l. Radio: Telefunken f-u G VIIa, range of 60 km Sights: Collimateur Cretien E.T.Ae
modelle 1933.
Max.. speed 527 km/h at 3600 m, 421 km/h at sea level, cruising speed 400 km/h , range 785 km, endurance 2 h 26 cruising speed , 1 h 15 min.
at max. speed , service ceiling 9400 m  , climb initial climb speed: 14,3 m/s ,7 min climb to 5000m,  landing speed 160 km/h, take off run 200 m
1 x 20mm HS.404, motorcannon with60 rounds , 2 x 7,92mm FN-Browning with 500 rounds per gun
5 + 7