Potez P 43
Several Potez 43s found on the ground by German troops received more or less coarse German crosses.
Type 1 + 2 seat sportplane used for communications, observation and training or 1 + 330 kg payload
Engine 1 Potez 6Ac with a fixed-pitch 2-bladed propeller
Dimensions Length 7,65 m , height 2,36 m ,  span 11,3 m , wing area 18,0 m2  ,
Weights Empty 470 kg, loaded  800 kg, max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed  160 km/h, cruising speed 140 km/h , range 800 km, endurance  , service ceiling  5000 m , climb  , stall speed 60 km/h, requiered runway to 8 m 156,5 m, landing from 8 m 102,8 m
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
The success of the lightweight multi-purpose aircraft Potez 36 led to the creation of an improved version , the Potez 43 , a prototype  the Potez 430 made its first flight in June 1932. It retained a high strut wing, but the span of the slats was reduced to the span of ailerons and an improved fuselage appeared with a cabin that could accommodate three people. There was the possibility of installing wheel fairings, and the tail unit was redesigned. In 1933, the first serial modification of the aircraft appeared - Potez 431. 60 aircraft were built. Experienced and serial versions of the Potez 431 had a Potez 6As engine with 105 hp.
Soon after the first serial modification, others followed.
Potez 432 - three aircraft with a Renault 4Pei engine with 100 hp.
Potez 434 - nine aircraft with a 120 hp de Havilland Gipsy Major I engine. The first  aircraft flew on November 2, 1933.
Potez 435 - 11 planes with Renault 4Pdi engines producing 120 hp
Potez 438 is a serial version with the same engine and tail wheel. 33 aircraft delivered to the French Air Force for communications, observation and training; The equipment included a radio station and a camera.
17 aircraft were repaired and sold to private users in 1937. In total, 161 aircraft of the Potez 43 family were built.