Mü 1 "Vogel Roch"
Single seat sea plane glider
Length 5,50 m , height 1,70 m , span 12,62 m, wing area 16 m2
Empty 135 kg, max. flying weight 215 kg, wingload 13,4 kg/m2
The first project from  Akaflieg München built in 1924 at Herrsching am Ammersee. Wing profile  Göttingen 441.
It was a glider designed to be started from lakes. It was tested on the Ammersee towed by a motorboat.
"Vogel Roch II" a new version from the year 1928, the unfavorable arrangement of the elevator.was changed..
The stabilizer was elevated with struts over the stern. The large keel fin was taken away.
The rudder was placed directly before the elevator
With the "Vogel Roch"The designer Fick and other pilots made several waterstarts, where the sailboat from a starting team working on the shore with of a long ropepulled it  against the wind.. But also in the Rhön the "Vogel Roch" with Fritz Stamer as pilot gave a good impression because of the low gliding angle
Vogel Roch II