Morane-Saulnier MS 410
Dimensions Length  , height  ,  span  , wing area   ,
Weights Empty , loaded  , max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed  , cruising speed  , range , endurance  , service ceiling   , climb
Armament A
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
    KG+ SNAC at Bourges
    DS+PV ? 1./JFS 5 at Liegescourt
  1040 BI+XC With German markings in May 1941
The MS 410 was to be an improved version of the MS 406. This model was distinguished by a fixed and streamlined radiator, an inclined windshield to allow Installation of collimators inside, keeled and propellant exhaust pipes, and removal of the bulb of the MAC machine gun on the leading edge of the wing replaced by four holes for the machine guns. Only two planes  could be completed in 1940, but several other hybrids received some of these modifications.The aircraft was armed with two 7.5mm machine guns and one 20mm engine mounted cannon. The M.S. 410 doubled the number of wing mounted machine guns, and replaced the drum feed using in the M.S. 406 with a more efficient belt feed. M.S. 406 No. 1028 was used as the prototype, undergoing tests in January and February 1940. As a result of the tests, an order was placed to convert 500 existing M.S. 406s to the new standard. 150 of the improved wings were also ordered, and if time had allowed would have been used to modify any damaged M.S. 406s. No M.S. 410s were ready in time to see service during the battle of France, although eleven were later supplied to Finland by the Germans, and an unknown number went to Croatia.
Some rare MS 410 were captured in 1940 at the Bourges factory. One of them seems to have received marks and a German code, probably to be conveyed to Finland. A photo
shows a Morane-Saulnier of a hybrid model, with MS 406 wings and the enlarged radiator of MS 410 aircraft. This aircraft was seen at 1 / JFS 5 in Ligescourt, in the Somme, in 1941. The only example to be a genuine MS 410 seems to be n ° 1040, delivered to the Luftwaffe in May 1941 under the code BI + XC.