Messerschmitt Me 164
Type 2 + 8 seat passenger plane
Engine 2 Argus As 411
Dimensions Length 13,50 m, height 5,00 m  , span 18,80 m, wheel track 5,50 m
Performance (Estimated) Cruising speed 384 km/h, range 2000 km
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
Me C 14 V 1     Not finished
The Messerschmitt Me 164 was a twin engine shoulder wing transport and communications aircraft with up to eight passengers designed to compete with the Siebel Si 204, In comparison to the Siebel the plane was heavier and had better performance and improved accomodation for the passengers. After the Construction details was ready the buildingof it given to the French Company Caudron at Issy. The work was so slow of the prototype Messerschmitt-Caudron Me C 164 V-1 that the whole project  was cancelled. Some of this was used in the Caudron C 920 ?
The Caudron Goéland was built in great number during the war for the Luftwaffe , and Caudron was choosed for it's successor ,the Me 308 ( later MeC 164).
By Caudron it was designated  Caudron C 920 ,and a full size mockup was built.
The part of each design-buro ,Messerschmitt and Caudron is not clear : perhaps a member could help ?