Max Holste MH 20
Max Holste was the first to register for the 1939 Meurthe Deutsch race, with a small aircraft of his design, the MH-20. The race was canceled and the prototypes for this race, most of them unfinished, were put to sleep or even abandoned. However, several small builders in the Paris region asked the Occupant for permission to complete the work on the prototypes. This was the case of Max Holste, but also Maurice Delanne, Yvan Makhonine, André Starck and Roland Payen.
The small Max Holste MH-20 race plane, assembled in a few months at Toussus-le-Noble at the end of 1939, was not able to carry out its tests lack of engine.The planned power-plant was a Beam vertically-opposed air-cooled twelve-cylinder engine Stored for some time in Courbevoie, he finally made his first flight under German control. He was then based in Vlllacoublay, like the Delanne 10, Payen Pa-22 and Makhonine Mak-101. It received crosses on the fuselage and wings, but did not seem not have worn code. On the other hand, photographs show that it wore two different decorations at the fuselage and hood.
It was the pilot Marcel Finance who carried out the tests. After some rolling tests on the Villacoublay track, he took the initiative to take off the plane on July 25, 1941. Unfortunately, a failure of the reducer in the lap of the track forced him to land in a field, breaking his track during  landing, and thus being dragged into a wooden horse that was right of his wing. According to some sources, he would have intended to take advantage of this flight to escape, probably to England, but the engine failure put an end to this project. The prototype was brought back to the Clichy factory where it was repaired. It was finally destroyed in a bombing June 22, 1944.
Type Single seat racing plane
Engine 1 R├ęgnier 12HOO
Dimensions Length 6,64 m , height 2,10 m ,  span 6,68 m , wing area  6,9 m2 ,
Weights Empty 585 kg, loaded 834 kg , max. take off weight , fuel 200 l  
Performance Max.. speed 496 km/h , cruising speed  477 km/h, range 500 km, endurance  , service ceiling   , climb
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
MH 20     First flight July 25, 1941. Destroyed June 22 1944