Loiré-et Olivier 130
Type 3 + 4 seat reconnaissance flying boat
Engine 1  Hispano-Suiza 12Xirs
Dimensions Length 11,30 m , height 3,85 m ,  span 16,00 m , wing area 38,17 m2  ,
Weights Empty 2050 kg, loaded 3260 kg , max. take off weight  3500 kg
Performance Max.. speed 220 km/h at 2100 m , cruising speed 164 km/h at 1500 m , range , endurance 7,5 h at a50 km/h and 500 m , service ceiling 6000 m  , climb to 3000 m 12 min.
Armament 2 7,5 mm Darne machine guns + 2  75 kg bombs
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
  75 BI+XA, DI+XA It was ferried in Luftwaffe markings BI+XA from St. Nazaire to Travemünde by Uffz. Helmut Steckel. The ferrying took place between 17 March 1941 and 10 April 1941, covering the route St. Nazaire-Brest South- Boulogne-Amsterdam-Travemünde. On 15 July 1941 it was test-flown at E-Stelle Travemünde by Flugkapt. Mlodoch. It was also test-flown by Leut. Paul Metges but because of quick overheating of the engine during taxiing, it was found to be unsuitable. The exact identity of this Loire 130 is not known, but most likely it was a machine taken over from the St. Nazaire repair works.
    10 During the Occupation, the construction of an additional lot of Loire 130 was authorized
by Germany to equip the army with the Vichy government. These planes were
built in Saint-Nazaire (in the occupied zone). From there they were transferred in flight to
Bricklayer, in the free zone, in the hands of the house pilots, but under the German colors.
These flights were carried out under three different codes, taken up by
successive: +10, +11 and +12. As soon as they are taken into account by the Vichy teams, Occupant marks, painted with an easily erasable paint, were immediately
replaced by tricolor cockades.