Hanriot H.232
Type Two seat trainer
Engine 2 Renault 6Q-02/03
Dimensions Length 8,55 m, height 3,47 m, wing span 12,70 m, wingarea 21,20 m2
Weights Empty 1728 kg, flying weight 2260 kg
Performance Max. speed 335 km/h, cruising speed 312 km/h, range 1200 km, service ceiling 7500 m
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
  21 HT-191 Captured by Germany , delivered to Finland. Crashed 28 August 1942
  23 HT-192 Captured by Germany , delivered to Finland. Crashed during delivery flight
  24 HT-193 Captured by Germany , delivered to Finland, crashed during landing 15 February 1945
This plane was a French twin-engined advanced trainer. The construction of the aircraft was initiated in 1936 by Hanriot's chief designer Montlaur. The aircraft was produced by the nationalized factory SNCAC.
The French Air Ministry made an initial order of 40 H.232.2's. This order was though soon was extended to 57. The French Air Force started to receive their H-232.2's in February, 1940, and received a total of 35 before the defeat against the Germans in June 1940. The Germans captured 22 aircraft of this type, and since they did not have any use of them, On July 19th 1940 Finland purchased three Hanriots from Germany’s booty depots. The delivery of the three planes took place simultaneously in Brandenburg-Briest. One Hanriot was destroyed upon take-off, the other two arrived in Finland on July 24th piloted by Finnish airmen. The planes bore serial numbers 21, 23, and 24. In the Finnish Air Force they were coded HT-191 to HT-193.The planes were first overhauled at the State Aircraft Factory and subsequently submitted to Täydennyslentolaivue 17 on August 21st 1941. On September 28th 1941 they were trasferred to Lentolaivue 46 and later, on November 26th 1941, to Lentolaivue 48, which was the training unit under Lentorykmennti 4. On August 28th, HT-191 was damaged upon landing and could not be returned into use. The remaining HT- 193 still changed units twice before being damaged upon landing in Tampere on February 15th 1945 on its way to be stocked up at depot. The Hanriots were deleted from inventory on January 2nd 1950.
The German aircraft were scrapped in 1942.