Farman F.470 = SNCAC NC-470
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
  18 U5+YU 10./KG 2
    5M+?? 10./KG 2
    CA+XP 10./KG 2
Engine 2  Gnome-Rhône 9Kgr
Dimensions Length 16,10 m , height  , span 24,45 m, wing area 95 m2
The Farman 470 was a twin-engined  floatplane trainer, intended for the replacement of the Goliaths of the Navy
The prototype had made its first flight December 17, 1937. Due to nationalization, it had become NC-470. A series of 14
planes was commissioned by the Navy which began to equip several units. A series was ordered in 1940, but was halted by the German invasion. Several aircraft
were captured on the coastal bases, notably in Rochefort and Hourtin, but none seems to have interested the Germans.
On the other hand, in 1942, SNCAC received the authorization to restart the manufacture of aircraft which had been interrupted for the benefit of the Vichy Air Force. I
This seaplane had been designed with the alternative possibility to replace its floats by wheels. From April 1942, new planes came out of the factory and, after tests at Villacoublay and Le Bourget, were delivered to the training establishment
In November 1942, the Germans captured 14  of NC-470,  and repainted them in their colors for use in training their own crews. The notebook movements of Chateauroux indicates the passage of four of these devices on May 1st, 1943, coded BH + BA to BH + BI, suggesting that the 14 aircraft seized probably received these codes in sequence. A German document reports the accident on engine failure on 19 September 1943 of NC-470 No. 0018  registered U5 + YU, belonging
to  IV./KG2, destroyed at 35% at a place called "Leciron".
Units : 10./KG 2, St./Aufkl.Gr. 123, FFS Perleberg