Darmstadt D 19 "Darmstadt II"
Single seat glider
Length 6,0 m, span  18,0 m, wing area 16,9 m2
Empty 162 kg
Designed by H. Hofmann in 1926   F. Gross in 1928   Profile Joukovski 15 to 8 %. Wing on a "tower", fuselage, fin
and stabilizer like D-17
After the crash of Darmstadt I, this glider was built in a hurry and flown by Johannes "Bubi" Nehring, he could enter the contest Vauville (FR) in 1928 (where he finished second behind Wolf Hirth), then at the Rhön at Wasserkuppe (DE), where he set a record with 71.2 km distance. The following year (1929), at Wasserkuppe, this record was raised to 72.3 km. There are also reports of  its participation in the 1930 Rhön pilot Kurt Starck, winner in the category "Übungswettbewerb". The glider was destroyed during an expedition in Sweden and Finland in 1934.