Darmstadt D 18
Two seat sportplane
1  Armstrong Genet 1
1 Armstrong Genet Major
Length 6,14 m, height 2,62 m, span  7,20 m, wing area 12,1 m2, aspect ratio 4,3
Empty 320 kg, fuel 70 kg, load 330 kg, loaded 650 kg, wing loading 53,7
Empty 374 kg, fuel 70 kg, load 276 kg, loaded 650 kg, wing loading 53,7
Max. speed 200 km/h, climb to 1000 m 3,0 min., service ceiling 5800 m, range
800 km
Max. speed 196 km/h
Designed in 1929 by Dipl.Ing. F. Fecher with a wing profile designed by Joukovski. First flights were very promising.
Transferred to Berlin for acceptance test by DVL (Pilots Nehring and Voight). Took part in the Europa-Rundflug
1929. The aircraft was flown 324.2 km with a fuel consumption of 27.95 kg with an average speed of 156.7 km/h.
had to withdraw because of a crash. (Morzik won this competition with the Messerschmitt M-23). The aircraft was
repaired, now with an Armstrong Genet Major engine. Now it set 3 world records : On the 21 of April 1930 Voight
and Daulé reached 7521 m, on the 23 of April Rudolf Neininger and K. Stark flew from Darmstadt to Wiesbaden
with a speed of 214,848 km/h, on the 23 of May 1930 Voight reached 8142 m. For the Europa-Rundflug 1930 it was
equipped with an enclosed cockpit , encreased the weight to 374.3 kg. Engine problems forced Neininger to ditch
in the Mediterranean, it was salvaged but was scrapped.
Darmstadt D-18 always got admiration for the good-looking design
Darmstadt D-18 at the Intenational Air rally 1930
Darmstadt D-18 at the International Air Rally 1929
Darmstadt D-18 front view
Darmstadt D-18 winter trials