Darmstadt D 17 "Darmstadt"
Single seat glider
Length 6,5 m, span  16,0 m, wing area 16,6 m2, aspect ratio 15,4
Empty 155 kg, max. flying weight 224 kg, wing loading 13,5 kg/m2
Designed by  H. Volker in 1927  Profile Göttingen 535. Automatic connection for ailerons
The construction of the D-17 Darmstadt was completed in time for the glider to participate in the contest Rhön 1927 during which Nehring realized a magnificent flight of 51.8 km. In 1928 the "Darmstadt" was brought to the U.S., Cape Cod. Peter Hesselbach realized a 4 hour flight over the dunes. But the machine was badly damaged after Hesselbach had struck the pole with a flag. The wreck was sold and repaired. Changes were made, especially the cockpit was closed and added a wheel. Renamed "Chanute" machine flew especially with Jack O'Meara, the most famous American pilot at the time.