Darmstadt D 15 "Westpreußen
Single seat glider
Length ? m, span  14.5 m, wing area 16,0 m2
Empty 120 kg
Designed by H. Hofmann in 1926  Profile Göttingen 535 and/or 430/431 ?.   First plane built for Ferdinand Schulz,
he hold all world records with this plane for a period
14 m span for the prototype, and then 16 meters for small series built. The Westpreußen, large 14 meters, was built for Ferdinand Schultz who used to explore the coast of the Baltic Sea, around Rossiten (north of Königsberg, East Prussia).
With a wingspan of 16 meters range, usual for the time, several copies of Westpreussen were built and sold, one of them having flown in England for a few years. Another was certainly purchased by Akaflieg Stuttgart, called Stadt Stuttgart, and participated in competitions and Vauville Rhön in 1928.