D-B8 "Wofgang Pomnitz"
Single seat glider
span 20 m, wing area 18 m2
Empty 227 kg, max. flying weight 297,4 kg, wing loading 15,6 kg/m2
Designed as a high performance glider. It was built in just 8 weeks. It took part  in the 1929 Rhön competition.
Because of the use plywood it became rather heavy. On  the 12th.of Dezember 1929 managed the aircraft with its
pilot  Erhard Muschick  a flight with a wind of 115 km/h
The "Dresden Academic Flying Group" likewise took part in the Rhön meeting 1929 with two aircraft. The unsupported high-wing monoplane "Baunmumer 8" possesses a strongly tapered trapeziform wing, in three sections and of two-spar construction. As far back as the rear spar the wing is surfaced with plywood so as to produce good torsional stiffness. This form of construction is similar to that of the "Elida," with the result that, what with an aspect-ratio of 1 to 21, its specific wing weight of 7.3 kg. per sq. metre was greater than that of any other machine at the meeting.
The body possesses a rectangular cross-section with a large vertical edge at the end, so that the side elevation of the end of the body possesses a very considerable keel action. The horizontal stabilising fin is unsupported and is placed upon the upper surface of the body. The elevator itself is astonishingly small. Owing to the copious employment of plywood surfacing, the machine proved exceptionally heavy, and as owing to the heavy outer wing portions the moment of inertia about the longtitudinal and vertical axes must have been very considerable. There were at first some scruples on the part of the Technical Commission against allowing it unconditional admission.
Various flights at the end of the meeting, as well as during very gusty weather, showed the aircraft to possess sufficient controllability. As a result of the high wingloading and the distortion of the long unsupported wing the machine flew astonishingly smoothly.