Caudron C480 Fr├ęgate
Among the many planes requisitioned by the Air Force, there were various models of civilian aircraft that were deployed for the communications. Among them, various models in particular of Caudron and Farman multiplaces, many of which were abandoned in the debacle. So it is not surprising that a Caudron "Frégate" fell into German hands. At least one blurry photograph shows which seems to be a C.480, but unfortunately it does not make it possible to determine its precise identity. It still wears his their original civilians and certainly still its registration.
Type 1 + 2 seat touring aircraft
Engine 1 Renault 4Pei
Dimensions Length 8,18 m , height 2,12 m ,  span 11,90 m , wing area  20,00 m2 ,
Weights Empty 600 kg, loaded  , max. take off weight 1050 kg 
Performance Max.. speed 210 km/h , cruising speed 185 km/h , range 850 km, endurance  , service ceiling  4500 m , climb
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
The Caudron C.480 Frégate was a French three-seat touring monoplane designed by Maurice Devlieger and built by Société des avions Caudron.
Based on the earlier Caudron C.280 the Frégate was a high-wing braced monoplane with an enclosed cabin for the pilot with two side-by-seats behind for passengers. Powered by a front-mounted 140 hp (104 kW) Renault 4Pei inline piston engine it had a tailwheel landing gear.The company built 27 Frégates, in 1939, 20 were requisitioned into service with the French Air Force for liaison work.