Caudron C275 Luciole
Type 2-seat trainer and sportplane
Engine 1 Renault 4Pgi
Dimensions Length 7,79 m , height 2,70 m ,  span 9,90 m , wing area 24,00 m2  ,
Weights Empty 450 kg, loaded 780 kg , max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed 160 km/h , cruising speed 145 km/h , range , endurance  , service ceiling  4000 m , climb
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
  7690 F-AQPU  
  8038 F-ARVH  
Several Caudron Luciole type school biplanes were captured by the Germans. Some of them received
German crosses, sometimes to serve as a decoy on the ground, but obviously also for flying. Several photos show the C.275 numbers 7690 (F-AQPU) and 8038 (F-ARVH) bearing German crosses, while keeping them  most of their French registration were kept