Caproni Ca 314
Type 3-seat  ground attack and torpedo bomber
Engine 2 Isotta-Fraschini Delta R.C.25 (I-DS)
Dimensions Length 11,8 m, height 3,7 m, span 16,65 m, wing area 39,2 m2
Weights Empty 4650 kg, loaded 6620 kg
Performance Max. speed 395 km/h, range 1690 km, service ceiling 6400 m
Armament 2  (4 in ground attack version) 12,7 mm fixed forward-firing Breda SAFAT in the wing roots, 1 7,7 mm Breda SAFAT machine gun in a dorsal turret. Bombs up to 500 kg
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
12703 NX+ZA 3./NSGr.7
The Caproni Ca.314 was an Italian twin-engine attack/torpedo bomber aircraft, used in World War II.

Derived from the similar Ca.310, the Ca.314 was used mainly for ground attack and torpedo bomber missions. It was the most extensively-built Ca.310 derivative, and included variants dedicated to light bomber, convoy escort/maritime patrol, torpedo bomber, and ground-attack.