CAMS 37/11 or 37E
Type Four-seat liaison / trainer wooden-hulled version
Engine 1 Lorraine 12Ed Courlis  with 2-bladed fixed pitch propeller
Dimensions Length  11,37 m, height 4,72 m ,  span 14,5 m , wing area 58 m2  ,
Weights Empty 2150 kg, loaded 3080 kg , max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed 180 km/h , cruising speed  , range 800 km, endurance  , service ceiling  3900 m , climb
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
    HT 01  
The Germans found several seaplane schools CAMS 37E during the invasion of the Hourtin base. The last copy delivered came out
of revision 2 days before the invasion of the base. The personnel responsible for recovering these devices belonged to the navalpatrol units
(Seenotstaffel), used for the rescue at sea. This is how these aircraft flew for some time with  black crosses and especially red crosses, with no visible code. However, it seems that their primary use was   pleasure flights rather than true maritime patrol flights.