Breguet 695AB.2
Only about fifty Br 695 with Pratt & Whitney SB.4G Twin Wasp Junior Engines of 750 hp were built
before the 1940 armistice. Of these, only 11  had been taken into account by the Air Force and
twenty was burned by the French on June 13, 1940 in Villacoublay not to fall into the hands of the enemy.
Some planes were nevertheless captured by the German army in 1940. Some of them flew
in the colors of the occupant. Approximately 25 additional planes were captured during the invasion of the South Zone in November 1942, but most of them were handed over to Italians. Only a few of these Breguet were employed by the Luftwaffe, for pilot training. mainly grouped in Darmstadt, two Br 695 received a complete code
while at least one Br 693 and one Br 695 received just crosses on the fuselage and wings. The
existing photo seem to show  one of these Breguet 695 in German colors is none other than the prototype
No. 01, abandoned in Bordeaux in 1940.
Type 2-seat attack bomber
Engine 2 Pratt & Whitney R-1830-SB4G Twin Wasp
Dimensions Length 9.67 m , height  3.19 m,  span 15.37 m, wing area   ,
Weights Empty 3078 kg, loaded 5378 kg , max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed 560 km/h , cruising speed  , range 1500 km, endurance  , service ceiling  9015 m , climb
Armament 1 20 mm fixed forward gun, two 7.5mm fixed forwardfiring machine guns, a 7.5 mm fixed rearward firing machinegun, two 7.5 mm fixed- inclined rearward firing down  machinegun, a 7.5mm movable  machine gun and a 400kg bombload
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
    DU+VD Used at Darmstadt
    RD+CB Used at Darmstadt