Breguet XIX
The Air Force also operated airplanes biplanes in 1940, particularly in observation units. Include eg Breguet 27 but also old Potez 25 and LeO 20. There also remained on land NiD 622 i and Breguet XIX. These units were of no interest when German troops found them. However, a Breguet XIX would have got the civil registration D-0710. No photographic confirmation.
Type 2-seat reconnaissance/bomber
Engine 1 Lorraine 12Ed Courlis W-12
Dimensions Length 9,61 m , height 3,69 m ,  span 14,83 m , wing area  50 m2 ,
Weights Empty 1387 kg, loaded  , max. take off weight  2500 kg, fuel 365 l
Performance Max.. speed  214 km/h, cruising speed  , range 800 km, endurance  , service ceiling  7200 m , climb
Armament 1  fixed, forward-firing 7.7 mm  Vickers machine gun, and two flexible, rearward-firing 7.7 mm  Lewis Guns. Bombs: Provision for light bombs.
Type Werk.Nr Registration History