Bloch MB 177
The prototype of the Bloch 177 with Hispano-Suiza 12Y 31 engines, made its first flight under German control, in Mérignac, in 1941. Some photographs of this aircraft are well known, but they are retouched so that the plane appears without marking of nationality, fuselage of uniform color with a dark colored ring around the tail, in front of the empennage. This retouching gives it a milky appearance reminiscent of the retouched views in the same way of Bloch 157, Bloch 161 and Bloch 162. Its registration is the first of this series that seems to have been attributed to SNCASO in Mérignac, since it was coded PG + IA.
Type 4 seat reconnaissance bomber
Engine 2 Hispano-Suiza 12Y 31
Dimensions Length  , height  ,  span  , wing area   ,
Weights Empty 4620 kg, loaded  7420 kg, max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed 470 km/h at 4000 m , cruising speed  , range , endurance  , service ceiling 9500 m  , climb 19 min. to 8000 m
Armament 2 7,5  mm MAC 34 machineguns forward firing, 4/5 7,5 mm MAC 34 machineguns plus 600 kg bombload
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
MB 177 B 3 01 PG + IA