Bloch MB 161
Built in Suresnes, it was transferred to Villacoublay in October 1939, shortly after the start of hostilities. It made its first flight December 15, 1939, piloted by Zacharie Heu. Soon after,it was ferried to Bordeaux-Merignac, hoping to escape the invaders.  The KG 40 took possession of the land in Merignac in June 1940 and found  many aircraft including the Bloch 161. After long negotiations, the Vichy government obtained permission to transfer the aircraft in the free zone to resume its flight testing in Marignane. These tests were also followed by Lufthansa who wanted to buy a few copies. An order of 25 copies was authorized to share with Air France, Lufthansa and Air Force.
In November 11, 1942, before the invasion of the southern zone, the Bloch 161 was quickly prepared for an attempt to escape to North Africa Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate maneuver, the plane was locked in the shed of Marignane and captured by the Germans.
It was then transferred to Chateauroux-Deols under the temporary code conveying PG + ID to be repaired. Right out, it returned to Germany, then with code 10, for presentation in Berlin. Back in Villacoublay, it resumed its flights for Air France and Lufthansa, again registered F-ARTY It then received a civil registration D-OXWM.It was soon transferred to Toulouse there for continued testing until November 1943. It was then taken to Germany and received the markings of an  evaluation unit. T9 + BB It crashed May 10, 1944 and was destroyed at Oranienburg
Meanwhile, the serial production started in Saint-Martin-du-Touch (near Toulouse Blagnac field). The first plane, it  apparently made its first flight on February 2, 1944. During the
bombing of the plant May 2, 1944, the first two planes were  destroyed. In fact, the photographs  show a damaged plane registered 16 + 11
Type 5 + 33 passenger plane
Engine 4  Gnome-Rhône 14N 44/4
Dimensions Length 24,258 m , height  5,95 m,  span 29,39 m , wing area  111,32 m2 ,
Weights Empty 14150 kg, loaded  20577 kg, max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed  430 km/h, cruising speed  , range 3200 km, endurance  , service ceiling 7200 m  , climb
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
MB 161, SO.161 01 PG + ID, F-ARTV,  + 10, D-OXWM First flight Dec. 15 1939. Crashed May 10 1944
Tested by 2. Versuchsverband O.b.d.L.
MB 161, SO.161 1 16 + 11 First flight Febr. 2 1944, destroyed May 2 1944