Bloch MB.131
Type 4-seat bomber
Engine 2 Gnome-Rhône 14N-10/11
Dimensions Length 17,85 m, height 4,09 m, span 20,27 m, wing area 54,0 m2
Weights Empty 4690 kg, loaded 7926 kg, max. take-off 8600 kg
Performance Max. speed 349 km/h at 3750 m, cruising speed 270 km/h, range 1300 km, service ceiling 7250 m, climb to 4000 m 13 min.
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
  4 ?    
  120   At Cerqueux
  81 ? L-376  
The Bloch 131 was captured by the Germans and exposed to the public in a park in Berlin. It sports a white No. 4 and a large two-tone diagonal stripe on the fuselage,
Sad end for both Bloch 131, left at Bricy. They are used as decoys on a field near Cerqueux , Orleans
A total of 21 Bloch 131 were captured. Most of them were scrapped. At least one Bloch 131, among those found on land during the German offensive, was taken for evaluation and carried German cross. Photographs taken at  Paris show Bloch 131 coded "1" on the sides of the fuselage, and still bearing its military registration under the wings. The pictures do not let you read it completely, but i starts with "L-3" and ends with "6". which leaves a few possibilities, starting with the number 81 "L-336". It seems that the number A is captured and painted in German colors, but no confirmation has been made. Finally a photo taken in haste at the  Cerqueux camp 1941-42 also shows several silhouettes with  German cross on the fuselage, only one could be identified, the number 120.