The Arado SD III was a fighter biplane developed in Germany in the 1920s. It was developed in parallel with the SD II and shared most of that aircraft's airframe design. The main differences were connected with the powerplant installation, which in turn required a shorter forward fuselage and redesigned undercarriage. Evaluated at Staaken, Rechlin and finally at Lipetsk, it was judged unsuitable for mass production, but the lessons learned from it proved invaluable to Arado in designing the Ar 64 and Ar 65.
Type Single seat fighter
Engine 1 Siemens Jupiter with a 3-bladed propeller
Dimensions Length 7.75 m, height 3.20  m, span 9.90 m, wingarea 23.30 m2
Weights Empty , loaded  , max. take off weight  
Performance Max. speed 238 km/h, climb to 1000 m 1.4 min.
Armament 2 × fixed, forward-firing MG 08/15  7.92 mm  machine guns
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
A 54 D-1973 Was tested at Staaken, Rechlin and Lipezk