Arado SC II
The Arado SC II was a biplane trainer developed in Germany in the 1920s. It was based heavily on the SC I with a more powerful BMW Va engine. 10 examples were built for the Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule.

Type 2-seat trainer
Engine 1 BMW Va
Dimensions Length 8.89 m, height  m, span 13.2 m, wingarea 14.92/25.06 m2
Weights Empty  kg, load  kg, fuel  kg, flying weight  kg, wing loading  kg/m2
Performance Max. speed km/h,  range  km, service ceiling  m, required runway for take off m, for landing  m
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
40 D-1498
41 D-1390 Totally destroyed in sept. 1929
42 D-1398 Registered June 1928 to DVS GmbH. Destroyed in March 1931
43 D-1409
44 D-1436
45 D-1542
46 D-1330 Registered Februari 1928
48 D-1478 Registered August 1928. To DVS GmbH. Cancelled 1937
50 D-1557
51 D-1562
62 D-1984 Built 1931, used by the DVL .From febr. 1932 by Deutsche Luftfahrt G.m.b.H.