The Arado S I was a biplane trainer built in Germany in 1925. The first of three prototypes was powered by a Bristol Lucifer radial engine, while the other two Arado S.Ia aircraft were fitted with the Siemens-Halske Sh 12. This latter engine also powered the Arado S III, a virtually identical aircraft of which only a single prototype was constructed and sold to Turkey.
Type S I 2-seat trainer S Ia 2-seat trainer S Ib 2-seat trainer
Engine 1 Bristol Lucifer later 1 Siemens Sh 12 1 Siemens Sh 12 
Dimensions Length 7.44 m, height 2.85 m, span 8.5/11.5 m, wingarea 26.5 m2
Weights Empty 615 kg, load 300 kg, flying weight 915 kg, wing loading 34.50 kg/m2 
Performance Max. speed 140 km/h, cruising speed 120 km/h, climb 1 m/sec. at altitude 2500 m, time to 2000 m 19 min., range 500 km, required runway for take off 55 m, for landing 57 m
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
S I 20 D-817 Shown at the exhibition in Milan 1927.Used from febr.1928 by DVL,served as a trainer until 1930.
S Ia 21 D-994 D-994 Used by the Fliegerschule Staaken. Took part in the Berliner Zeitungs-Flug (Pilot Hauptmann Lorenz)
S Ib 22 First flight delayed because of difficulty to find a suitable engine. First after 5 years it was sold to Firma Bachmann, Warnemünde.