The Arado L I was a two-seat parasol-wing sporting monoplane built in Germany in 1929 in order to compete in the Europa Rundflug that year. During the fuel consumption trials, the L 1 made a forced landing and was disqualified from the contest. Bringing the aircraft back to Paris, designer Hermann Hofmann performed some aerobatics over the airfield and was killed when it crashed.
Type 2-seat sportplane
Engine 1 Salmson AD 9
Dimensions Length 6.00 m, span 10.00 m Height: 2.30 m  Wing area: 14.5 m2
Weights Empty 272 kg, loaded  500 kg, max. take off weight  
Performance Max.. speed 140 km/h , cruising speed  , range , endurance  , service ceiling   , climb
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
56 D-1707 Named "Ostseebad Warnemünde". Built to take part in the Europa-Rundflug 1929 it was flown to Paris in August 1929. Pilot: Hermann Hofmann, the designer of the aircraft. On the 5th of August it started for a flight to measure the fuel consumption, had to force land south of Paris, after repair it started again back to Paris. During some advanced flying inverted it went into spin and crashed, Hofmann was killed.