The Ar 67 was a single seat fighter prototype to test a design to improve spin recovery. Based on the Ar 65 with a Rolls-Royce Kestrel engine. Smaller and lighter compared to the Ar 65. Change of the position of the stabilizer, installed behind the rudder to improve the recover from spin. This design was used on all designs up to Ar 231. The wings had two spars and was built of wood. The upper and lower wings had ailerons and was connected with N-struts. The wheels had aerodynamic covers and aft a tail skid
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
V1 80 D-IBIK First flight 1 July 1933. Tested at E-Stelle Staaken , delivered to Rechlin  6 December 1934. Used for testing variable-pitch and engine. At least in Rechlin until mid of 1936
Type Single seat fighter
Engine 1 Rolls-Royce Kestrel S II with a two-bladed wooden fixed-pitch propeller
Dimensions Length: 7.9 m wingspan: upper 9.68 m lower 9,41 m height: 3.1 m wing area: 25.47 m2
Weights Empty 1270 kg, loaded 1660 kg , max. take off weight  
Performance Maximum speed: 295 km/h at sea level  , 340 km/h  at 4000 m,  service ceiling: 9300  m  rate of climb: 8 m/s  time to altitude: 1,000 m  in 1,7 min., to 2000 m 3,5 min-, to 4000 m 6,6 min., 5,000 m in 9.5 minutes