Amiot 356
Type Long range liason aircraft
Engine 2 Rolls-Royce Merlin X
Dimensions Length 14,50 m, height 4,08 m, span 22,83 m, wing area 67,50 m2
Weights Empty 4725 kg, flying weight 11300 kg
Performance Max. speed 495 km/h at 4000 m, service ceiling 9000 m range 8000 km at 6500 m at 385 km/h
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
  356.01 F-BAGP, 35 + 61 First flight at Paris 18/3 1940 GB II/34. To Air France in June 1941 with minor modifications. Installation in the bomb-bay of a tank (2553 l). 20/10 1941 registered F-BAGP., used by the Vichy regime as a liason aircraft. Stored in Marignane early 1943. Transferred to the Luftwaffe 10/7 1943. Got the code 35+61 18/8 1943, total flight time 422 h 37 min.. Its ultimate fate unknown
The Amiot 356 was derived from the Amiot 354, powered by British Merlin X engines. It was registered F-BAGP, first
flight at Le Bourget on March 18, 1940. At the Armistice in June 1940, it was immobilized at Oran. Brought back to Metropolitan France, it served as a liaison for the Vichy regime. It went to Athens and Djibouti several times. Stored in Marignane at the beginning of 1943,it  was transferred to Germany.on 10 July 1943. It was officially delivered to the German authorities with the code 35 + 61 on 18 August 1943, with 422 h 37 min of operation. His final fate remains unknown.