Flugzeugbau Kiel GmbH
Fk 166
Founded in October 1933, first owned to Sachsenberg AG later by the Howaldswerke AG in Kiel.. Only the Fk 166 was built..  From 1936 the company repaired the He 42, He 51/See and Ju W 34/See. this was ended in August 1938. The workshops were more suited for reparing submarines. The aircraft department was moved to Nordenhem and merged with the Weserflug AG
Type WerkNr. Registration History


Type Single seat sportplane
Engine 1 Hirth HM 60R with a wooden fixed 2-bladed propeller 1.95 m
Dimensions Length  5.08 m, height 2.18 m, span 6.40 m, wing area 10.38 m
Weights Empty 320 kg, flying weight 475 kg, fuel 58 l, oil 4 l
Performance Max. speed at sea level 200 km/h, cruising speed 175 km/h, landing speed 78 km/h, climb to 1000 m 2.1 min., range 450 km, service ceiling 5800 m