Caspar C 32
Type WerkNr. Registration History
  7006 D-1142 From March 1930 BMW Va. In Febr. 1928 to Biologische Reichsanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Berlin. From July 1933 to DLV e. V., Berlin
  7008 D-1143 "Wismar". In May 1928 to DVS GmbH, in August 1929 to DVL e. V., Adlershof, in June 1932 to DLH AG. Unregistered from April 1933
  7009 D-1144 In Nov, 1928 to DVL e. V., Adlershof, in Oct. 1929 to DVS GmbH, in Dec. 1930 to DVL e. V., Adlershof, in May 1931 to DVS GmbH. In May 1932 placed in a museum
  7010 D-1145 "Germania". Owned by Grafs Solms-Laubach. The former WW I fighter pilot Otto Koennecke intended to use this plane for a flight cross the Atlantic  in the east-west direction.    Koennecke intended to start his epic flight in Cologne-Butzweilerhof. But bad weather over Europe contstanly prevented a take-off. Therefore Koennecke decided to try to reach America in a flight in eastern direction via India and Japan. On the 20th of September 1927 the "Germania" took off from Cologne. The flight was hampered by many unpleasant events and technical problems. Though Koennecke reached Calcutta in India the following year, he had to quit because of problems with both plane and crew, and returned to Germany. 


Type 2-seater designed for aerial spraying   3-seater modified for a record flight
Engine 1 BMW IV 1 BMW Va 1 Junkers L 5
Dimensions Length 9.10 m, height  3.9 m, span 15.0 m, wing area 53 m2
Weights Empty 1400 kg, load 897 kg, flying weight 2300 kg   Empty 1400 kg, max. load 2400 kg, max take off weight 3800 kg
Performance Max. speed 158 km/h, (2300 kg) climb to 1000 m 8.6 min., to 2000 m 20.4 m, to 3000 m 41.0 min., (2050 kg) to 1000 m 6 min., to 2000 m 14 min., to 3000 m 27 min., service ceiling 3730 m   Max. speed 170 km/h, max. range 7500 km, endurance ~50 h